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Suspended Drawer

File Cabinets use up valuable floor space and are quite file inefficient. Wouldn't it be perfect if we could find a system to give you more vertical space and not have to change your existing folders?

The Suspended Drawer is the answer!! This is a system that utilizes three inch box bottom Workfile Compartments to graduate from file cabinets to a more efficient vertical storage system such as shelving. There is no need for a costly conversion to new folders --- just place your present folders into Workfile Compartments!  The indexing is taken care of by the 25 optics on the Workfile Compartments. All files are now visible and you have effectively recovered floor space and increased personnel productivity. 

The Suspended Drawer is achieved by a simple process called Instant File Transfer®. By following 3 easy steps, your existing folders can be placed in a well-indexed filing system with total visibility, space efficiency and quicker accessing capabilities.

Step 1: Remove the files from the cabinet and place into Workfile Compartments.

Step 2: Create your own custom indexing with Instant Index

Step 3: Insert the labels into the magnified optic.

The Suspended Drawer is created!!



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