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Ellis Systems offers a full range of Services to the Dealer. Our ancillary services will make the sales process easier for you when selling Workfile.

We offer:


 Custom Printed Indexes

We can print all your 5" labels, 11" labels, and Keyguide labels. Just send us a disk or E-mail us.


  Insertion and Application of Labels

We can insert your labels in the compartments and label the boxes to your desired sequence. Keyguide labels can also be applied.


  Box Base Conversion

We can convert any compartment to a box base (up to 4" maximum). This includes from the "B" Series to the Graphic Series.


 Double Box Bottom Conversion

In certain filing applications, it is beneficial to have a double box bottom to house specific media (i.e.,a tri-fold brochure) to maximize storage capacity.


 Tape Reinforcing

We can tape reinforce any compartment from the "B" Series to the Deskfile Series.


 Dual Optic Installation

In some mailroom applications, an optic is required on both sides of the compartment.


  Shorten Compartment Height

Any compartment height can be shortened.


 Shorten Compartment Depth

Any compartment depth can be shortened. The amount it can be shortened is limited. Call us to check what is possible.


 Rail Assembly Services

To save on installation time, we can pre-assemble and palletize your rail assemblies.


 Call us!!

Do you have a special requirement that is not listed here? Call us - we are very flexible and may be able to help you!



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