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Mail Consolidation



Are you still using the Pigeon Hole System? There are problems here....


How do you add or delete names in the middle of the system? You cannot, and if you do, you are taking space from the adjoining address. There is a fixed amount of space for each address which is a real limitation with the pigeon hole concept.

 Workfile Pockets are the perfect storage system for Mail Consolidation system in your company?


Workfile Pockets are filed vertically, instead of horizontally. There is a dramatic savings in space (up to 80% over convention Pigeon Hole System!) Sorting by this method, maximizes the number of addresses in the "Active Sort Zone", creates a more compact sorting area, and greatly reduces the walking done by mailroom personnel.

 Workfile Pockets provide easy maintenance of the entire Mail Consolidation system. Addresses can easily be added or deleted in the system - a key benefit!

 This system is also very efficiently indexed. Addresses appear on insert labels in the magnified optic of the pocket. Insert labels are color-coded and can be laser printed with Instant Index®, our label printing software. Keyguides® can also be utilized to denote major address categories.

 Envelopes and labels can be stored right in the same Workfile Pocket as the mail. This gives mail personnel a more effective control of each address.

Workfile Pockets are easily implemented in your existing space, and will immediately save you time, space and money!



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