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General Filing
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Libraryfile is system utilizing Workfile Suspended Pockets to house and organize specific media types in the library. Libraryfile has managed the collections of Public Libraries, High School and University Libraries, and Corporate Information Centers for over half a century. Common materials stored in Libraryfile include:
bullet Newspapers
bulletGovernment Publications
bulletAnnual Reports
bulletPhoto Collections
bulletRecord Albums

Libraryfile solves the most common problems faced by today's librarian:



Many areas such as newspapers and periodicals are 'piled" on the shelves. This not only takes up too much space, but also totally lacks organization. Libraryfile has the proper size compartment for newspapers and periodicals and allows several issues to be housed in one compartment. Several rows of Libraryfile are stored in library shelving effectively utilizing vertical space and realizing as much as 80% savings over conventional storage methods.



Through the use of Tri-Level Indexing, all collections can be perfectly indexed! The use of colored Keyguides and colored laser-printed labels give the user an easy way to find the publication. A typical system would be indexed as follows:
bullet Newspapers
bulletAlpha keyguides in upper position.
bulletNewspaper or Periodical names in lower Keyguide position.
bulletIndex Labels with the periodical name and the numeric sequence of filing. (Week 1, Week 2, etc. and continuing for the entire retention schedule.)


Protection of Media

Libraryfile protects collections with its vertical filing method. The weight of the individual issue is carried by the compartment, thus preventing curling, bending, and overall deterioration from handling. Libraryfile is also pH-Neutral and will not damage sensitive documents.  


Most storage systems are set up without the capability to expand. Libraryfile can be expanded into virtually any size system. Our universal rail assembly can fit into any manufacturer's bookstack.



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