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General Filing
Mail Consolidation


General Filing



Do you have records that are batch-filed? How about a system that where the files are time sensitive. Do you have unique indexing or space requirements? Do you file more than one type of media in the same file or need a quick conversion to vertical filing?

 Workfile is the Answer!  

 Although Workfile has very specific applications in the library and graphic areas, it is the appropriate solution for almost any general filing application. Government, Legal, Insurance, Educational, Financial, and Corporate entities have utilized Workfile to solve their filing needs for several years. Here are some common files that are being stored in Workfile Compartments.

bulletComputer Printouts
bulletHuman Resource Records
bulletAccounting Records
bulletLegal Documents
bulletPurchasing Files
bulletPhotograph Collection
bulletGovernment Documents
bulletAnnual Reports
bulletEvidence Files
bulletSheet Music
bulletHistoric Documents
bulletCustomer Service Records


When storing these files in conventional storage systems, there are inherent problems:

       Space:  Drawer files do not efficiently utilize floor space. Cabinets require too much floor space per filing inch stored, and require a large aisle in front to allow for drawer-pull space.

       Indexing:  Most files are not properly indexed. There may also be more than one indexing system within the system.

       Visibility:  In most cabinet or drawer systems, files are hidden and difficult to access.

       Adding or Deleting:  Most systems make it very difficult to add or delete a file. Constant backshifting may be a problem.

  Benefits of A Workfile Suspended Pocket System

       Consistency:  Workfile allows standardization of one filing system throughout the department.

       Cost Savings:  Does not require an expensive file conversion of color-coded labels and end tab folders.

       Expandable:  Provides unlimited growth and expansion capabilities.

       Space Efficiency:  Utilizes vertical air space to maximize file density.

       Indexing:  Customized indexing allows for quick retrieval of files.

       Visibility:  Lateral filing mode permits high visibility of files.




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